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Invoicing process

  • eCommerce Suppliers
    • eCommerce is the paperless exchange of business information using electronic data exchange. 
  • Non eCommerce Suppliers 
    • All traditional paper suppliers are encouraged to submit scanned invoices via email to vendoreppo@hess.com and follow the invoice requirements and instructions at the link above. 
  • IS Networld
    • Hess utilizes ISNetworld as a pre-qualification tool that collects self-reported information from suppliers (Environmental, Health, and Safety data/Insurance Certificates, EMR Letters, Injury & Illness records, etc.) dependent on Hess specific requirements. This level of pre-qualification applies to suppliers and their subcontractors providing on-site services on properties owned, leased, or operated by Hess Corporation.
    • For any Hess specific inquiry, please contact the ISNetworld Customer Service Line: +1-214-303-4900. 
  • Supplier Updates
    • Find information about policy and procedure updates. 
    • The Supplier Performance Awards program recognizes suppliers whose successes made a difference in helping Hess Corporation achieve positive bottom-line savings, increased revenue or performance results, and who have consistently exhibited a collaborative business relationship with Hess.

Ethics Hotline

You are always encouraged to report any concerns to our Hotline either by phone or via email. Our Hotline is operated by a third party and has the ability to receive your call in more than 30 languages. If you choose to make an anonymous report, the Company will not try to identify you or trace your call. You may make anonymous reports to the Hotline, where local law permits. 

Hotline Numbers Worldwide (All are collect call or free phone numbers)
United States: 800-353-2790
Ghana and Libya: 704-731-1402
All other locations: 888-475-9974