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What We Expect

Suppliers are expected to meet certain requirements to achieve our goals as the success of Hess depends to a large extent on suppliers' contributions. There are five key elements in the performance expectations from suppliers:


Environment, Health and Safety

Prospective Contractors and Suppliers must meet the following minimum safety criteria before being considered as a potential supplier:

  • Prior to beginning work on a Hess operational location (domestic), suppliers are required to subscribe to ISNetworld and maintain a score of "C" or better. ISNetworld is responsible for maintaining Hess' Environmental, Health and Safety pre-qualification records. Refer to a local EHS representative for international requirements.
  • Compliance with the “Hess Rules” and zero tolerance policy related
  • Implemented and auditable Safety Programs and Management System
  • Development of a Robust Subcontractor Management Program
  • Embedded Drug & Alcohol Program, including subcontractors

Hess adopts a systematic and uniform approach for managing and improving Global contractor Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) performance throughout the life cycle of a contract, from contractor selection through post-contract performance.

Key expectations from suppliers include: 

  • Have a systematic approach to EHS management, designed to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and to achieve continuous improvement in EHS performance.
  • Commit to protect the environment in compliance with all applicable environmental laws.
  • Use energy and natural resources efficiently.
  • Continuously look for ways to minimize waste, emissions and discharge from operations
  • Follow the Hess Rules.
  • Actively participate and comply with the Global EHS contractor management process and Environment, Health and Safety policy.
  • Register in ISNetworld and complete EHS questionnaire prior to performing work.



Quality is essential to doing business with Hess.  Defective products in our environment may lead to unacceptable rework, missed deadlines, lost production or safety issues. We count on suppliers to pursue quality levels well above our minimum standards.

  • Preventing defects - our standard practice is to trust suppliers to provide us with defect-free products.
  • Built-in quality - the best way to assure quality is to build quality into products systematically. That means designing products and processes to maximize quality. Suppliers are expected to have a system to ensure Hess' quality requirements are considered during Service/Product/Process Design phases. This system could include (at a minimum) Design Reviews, Service/Product/ Process Control Plan, Process Qualification, Service/Product Qualification or equivalents. 



Hess operates in a dynamic fast paced E&P environment. Maintaining timelines and executing within time and budget makes the difference between success and failure.

  • Reliable delivery - At the very least, suppliers must deliver products on schedule and provide materials at the quantities requested.
  • Flexibility in production and delivery – Suppliers must be able to adjust to changes in production and delivery requirements.
  • We target zero inventory and work with suppliers who can manage our material needs and deliver goods directly to the job site on time.
  • Full Return Privileges – Suppliers must work with Hess to effectively plan material deliveries and accept returns on any unused materials.



Hess believes in working collaboratively with suppliers to reduce overall supply chain costs. We understand that supplier margins need to be protected to create an environment for continuous cost reduction.

  • Hess is focused on the total cost of ownership/operatorship, not just the price for goods and services. 
  • We expect suppliers to strive to continuously reduce costs and to translate those cost reductions into shared benefits for both Hess and the supplier.



At Hess, innovation is discovering and applying new ideas that create value. Hess expects suppliers to continually bring new innovations to the forefront in an effort to constantly improve performance. A big consideration in evaluating suppliers' technological capabilities is their ability to offer products that are a step ahead of the competition. Hess aspires to improve itself by examining and optimizing its core business processes. Innovation in operational processes is a key expectation from suppliers.