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Qualifying as a Supplier to Hess


We use a global system to pre-qualify suppliers prior to engaging in contracts. The Supplier Profile Questionnaire (SPQ) is designed to collect and store information on suppliers who may be invited to work with Hess. The system is part of an internal process we use to pre-qualify suppliers for upcoming contracts. SPQ provides a standard approach to the pre-qualification process and ensures that suppliers complete relevant assessments including diverse suppliers classification and certification documents. 

Are you subscribed to ISNetworld? If scope of work for Hess consists of labor on any Hess operational location (domestically), Hess requires subscription to ISNetworld to be pre-qualified from an Environmental, Health, and Safety perspective. Hess utilizes ISNetworld as a pre-qualification tool that collects self-reported information from suppliers (Environmental, Health and Safety data/Insurance Certificates, EMR Letters, Injury & Illness records, etc.) dependent on Hess specific requirements. 

Please click the link to ISNetworld or call their customer service line: +1-214-303-4900. 

Completing the Supplier Profile Questionnaire (SPQ) and/or subscribing to ISNetworld are both requirements of Hess’ supplier pre-qualification process, but do not guarantee the consideration for, or the award of, any future work.  As noted, the SPQ and registration with ISNetworld are designed to collect and store information on suppliers who
may be invited to work with Hess. 
If it is determined that additional information is required, you will be contacted by Hess. 
There are no additional requirements of the supplier to contact Hess, including email, phone, etc.    


Becoming a Registered Supplier at Hess

To complete the Supplier Profile Questionnaire (SPQ), an Ariba Commerce Cloud account is required. Unless you utilize some of the advanced Ariba features (Host Catalogs, Receive POs, or Submit Invoices), registration to the Ariba Commerce Cloud account is free of charge.

Please use the following link to register on the Ariba system: 
Ariba supplier registration portal

Upon registration, a username and password will be provided, which will grant access to the Hess SPQ.

The SPQ is designed to conduct a preliminary evaluation of your company, as a potential Hess supplier, and addresses the following areas: Company Information, Environmental, Health and Safety & Social Responsibility (EHS&SR) Standards, Service or Product Design Process and Operational Excellence, diversity certification and classification.