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Hess is committed to being the Trusted Partner of Choice and creating social and economic value across the globe wherever we do business. We believe that fostering and maintaining productive, collaborative relationships with suppliers is critical to our success.

Nothing is more important than doing business safely and making sure our people and processes are safe. This philosophy is fundamental to our approach to business. We believe no activity is so important it cannot be performed safely. If conditions are not safe, every employee and contractor is empowered to stop work. We are constantly striving to improve our safety performance. 

Hess 2015 workforce (employee and contractor) safety performance improved 10% from 2014, resulting in a total recordable incident rate of 0.36. In 2015, we focused on reducing dropped objects at our work locations, and finished the year with an overall 43% improvement in our safety high potential incident rate.  

Both domestically and internationally, Hess often prioritizes local suppliers in the selection process. We often engage local suppliers as part of production sharing contracts or other agreements with host countries. These agreements vary, but may include approved vendors or threshold specifications for local companies or workers. Hess seeks to attract, retain and grow a supply base that reflects how deeply we value diversity. For diverse suppliers please resgister below and contact us at supplierdiversity@hess.com.

At Hess, we believe in everyone, everywhere, every day. Home Safe.

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